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I see beauty, even in distortion. It reflects me, as all of A.N.D does. The first collection has been given the name “CHAPTER ONE”, as each collection is another chapter.


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It’s a privilege, to have the eye and abilities, to create a whole univers by yourself. This is a pre-preview, of the lookbook from the line, which serves as an extension of me. The picture displays my friend in the white shadow from my first chapter.


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Right now, in the world of creativity, we’re at the verge of hitting a new era in photography, graphic design and visuals, you may call it ‘rebelious’. It’s a demonstration against the “HD-generation”. Everything is so sharp, that it no longer has that rough feel, the authenticity is gone, at least, that’s how it feels. “It’s so good it’s bad.” You can compare it to a Lamborgini Countach and a Lamborghini Murciélago. The Countach has spirit and rough edges. You can see and sense the car. The Muciélago, is so clean – you can draw a comparison to HD – that you don’t experience the car on the same level as the Countach. Let me give you another. If you stood in front of a transparent glass, you wouldn’t even notice it was there, if the glass was dirty, you’ll notice the glass.

You’ll slightly notice in editorials, visuals and photography, that the artist will on purpose, add noise, grain, dust, dirt, might even use an ugly font in the magazine etc. to his work. If you haven’t already, keep it in mind! I personally feel, that HD-movies are so HD, that I’d rather see a non HD movie. It’s just too much of good thing. It looses credibility.


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These days, a label in the neck, just ain’t enough, at least from my perspective. I want more, and I want to provide more, create a full circle, an experience, a lifestyle, more than just a name/brand. With a lifestyle comes sounds, scents, personal vibes and tunes and much more, that’s the reason behind the name D.N.A. This is my D.N.A, an extension of A.N.D and me, through sounds.  How big the album is going to be at the end, is uncertain.

The intro:

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Sometimes, you just ran into a face, person or individual, call it what you want, that simply astonish you. I was first introduced to this futuristic rap group Die Antwoord, two days ago, not sure what to think of their music, but one half of the group Ninja Flex, he is absolutely incredible. I want to shoot picture of this crazy person so bad, he’d kill any picture. Here’s a little collection, so you can see what I’m talking about. The group did a editorial with Alexander Wang also, just to mention …

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The Weeknd, which I have to admit, when I first heard him, I thought it was a group! But this guy have one hell of a smooth voice and already several hits in his bag. Now he’s ready with the visual for his hit Wicked Games. I love the black and white, but the execution and direction could’ve been done better.

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Gucci Mane La Flare is back (thou he never left, he was just in the kitchen cooking), but with his mixtape TRAP GOD he shows who is the king in the trap or the genre. With producers like Zaytoven that’s been by his side since the beginning and is a legend in the trap, Lex Luger with the bass that will kill your eardrums, and of course Drumma Boy with his signature snarres and Mike Will Made It.

Here’s my favorite 15 tracks out of his 20, that I’d recommend for you to let Gucci Mane take you to the trap!

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There you are – CHANEL N°5 Part 1

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I guess this is a great example, that even thou you’re one of the best actors out there, if you don’t like the product, it’s tough to act like you do. In this commercial, Brad Pitt makes me want to look away from the screen, it’s so akward how bad this ad is. He doesn’t believe in the product. Sorry CHANEL.

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